Posted by: jessiejumps | January 20, 2013

Jumping off

Hello blog world!!

Welcome to my first ever official blog post… I’m so nervous I don’t know where to begin! ha! just kidding – about the nervous part anyway.  But, I really am not sure where to begin.  When I first started thinking “Oh man, I should totally have a blog” I did what any normal, potential blogger with internet access would do – I googled.  What did I find, you ask?  Too much! Far too much.  What are some things the google world said:

  • – Write about only one topic (or a related series of topics) – so, what if I say my blog is about paleo or running or working out or food and I end up talking about my cats or school or work or life in general! Ahhhhh
  • – Think of a catchy, memorable name – really? have you met me?  I’m not good at ‘catchy’ or ‘memorable’ or ‘clever’
  • – Don’t make your blog all about you – hmmm ok? what else am I supposed to write about, if not the one thing I know about?

So, I thought and thought and mulled over what topic I wanted, what cool name could I use to convey this unknown topic, and how to write about me, but not all me…

Guess what that led to? … NOTHING!  I got nowhere but still wanted to get my thoughts out of my head.  So, here I am starting a blog – not sure what path it will take or if I’ll talk about me too much or if my blog name is memorable enough, but it’s here and it’s mine.

I’ll definitely be talking about FOOD (one of my favorite things!) and working out (in my top 5 favorite things!) and goals (because I need to hold myself accountable) and whatever else crosses my mind when I happen to be sitting in front of a computer.

P.S. – That DailyMile widget thingy on the left is supposed to be showing my most recent run but apparently just wants to display a link to my profile…  If you have any idea how to fix that or helpful hints for new bloggers, help a girl out and let me know!


  1. All the best!

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